Pure Plant Soaps

Pure Plant Soap 植物純手工皂

Handcrafted 3D Art CP Soap. Pure Natural Oil. No Chemistry Additives.

Pure essential oil extraction own factory

Cooperation with domestic/export sales, wholesales, OEM, brands, gifts.

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Pure Plant Soap 植物純手工皂

Handcrafted 3D Art

Work at delicate handcrafted 3D art CP soap with great care, which makes the production harder. After developing, designing and lots of trial and error, we finally created the most special Pure Plant Soaps.

Pure Plant Soap 植物純手工皂

Pure Natural Oil

We make our soaps in the old world traditional cold-processed way. The temperature of making CP soap is under 40°C and the saponification time takes 6~8weeks to fully keep pure essential oils, wild and organic herbs, and certified organic vegetable oils inside the soap.

Pure Plant Soap 植物純手工皂

No Chemistry Additives

Pure Plant Soaps comply with SGS standard for international requirement. They are a pleasure to use and they leave your skin feeling clean, smelling great, smooth, silky soft, and radiantly healthy!

There are no SLSs, parabens, petrochemicals, preservative and no harmful chemicals and additives that are bad for the earth and it is gentle on sensitive skin. No product is tested on animals, ever.

Pure Plant Soap 植物純手工皂

Handcrafted 3D art CP soap

Sculptor spirit

Focused attention

Designer creation

Trustworthy own factory

Cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil

pureplantsoap - sculpture

Making beautiful art soaps with conscientious working attitude

Pure Plant Soaps specialize in composition, design and handcrafted molding and produce the most sophisticated 3D art CP soap. Controlling the low-temperature of CP soap, the liquid is fully covered the mold, and the difficulty of mold-stripping… There are many difficult production techniques and need to be careful with details. If there was even a small broken piece, the soap couldn’t become a product.


Since our products are made by hand, we know exactly what goes into each one. Because we put it there ourselves and each ingredient is carefully sourced to deliver the best possible results and the process controlled from beginning to end.

Pure Plant Soap 植物純手工皂

Fully customizable production

Welcome customized products. For example, some countries in Europe ban soaps with palm oil ingredient. Instead we use high quality cocoa butter to produce handmade soaps

Pure Plant Soap 植物純手工皂

Premium natural oils. Pure essential oil extraction. Plant mineral pigment.

Cleanse, moisturize and soothe your skin with our natural handmade cold-process soaps made with coconut derivatives, vegetable emulsifiers and scented with pure essential oils which offers a magnificent long-lasting lather and leaves your skin feeling clean, soft and radiantly healthy.


First cold-pressed oil Italy OLITALIA olive oil/ Malaysia OKI palm oil/ Philippines GFEE coconut oil/ Ghana Shea butter/ Cocoa butter / Camellia Oil / Castor oil/ Canola oil / Sunflower Seed Oil / Rice Bran Oil / Peanut Oil / Corn Oil / Avocado oil / Hazelnut Oil / Sesame Oil / Jojoba oil/ Pure water/ NaOH/ Plants essential oil/ Plant mineral pigment…

Pure Plant Soap 植物純手工皂

Strict inspection standards

The quality and concentration of Pure Plant Soap comply with SGS standard for international requirement: Heavy metal test and Freebase test. Our soap-making method is gentle, cruelty-free, ethical, and 100% environmental-friendly.

SGS Test Report

Pure Plant Soap:Palm Oil / Heavy metal detection

Pure Plant Soap:Palm Oil / Free Alkali

Pure Plant Premium Soap:

Cocoa Butter (without Palm oil) / Heavy metal detection

Pure Plant Premium Soap:

Cocoa Butter (without Palm oil) / Free Alkali